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...poetry made visible



     Hurricane Evacuees        After the Hurricane      Ventricle

Angels in the Rain       Blues Traveler       Blue Monk        Blue Sunday

Copper and Gold      Powerhouse      Storm Surge

The Great Gamble     Ground Zero    The Symphony Within

Victory     Souls of Civilian War Dead    Fallen Soldiers

Bob Dylan at Midnight      Filthy Renata      Chemical Imbalance    Alien Dance    

Symptoms of Withdrawal      Surgeon General's Warning     Four Squares Over Chaos          

Serenity      Self Portrait       Broken Angel      Winter Insomnia

Three Figures at Dawn       The Jackal       Algae on the Jetty      Lament for Father

Xanax After the Storm       Prisoners of a Dream     The Gifted Scorpio     

    Erotica       Mother Earth      Moral Boundries      Denim

After the Binge      Agony of the Unborn     Children of Men       Mood Swing

       Boogie Man      First Thought       11/11      2010


Representation: Danziger, Danziger & Muro, New York, NY



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